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Look! Flames!

Sorry, I know, I know, it’s about the BBC again, but I’ve just realised that there’s an increasing vogue on BBC News for bunging up a bit of video without sound, or without any commentary, detail or analysis. Hell, even I can do that (I wouldn’t bother watching this, incidentally: it’s not that interesting) And, […]

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Don’t post tired

Kind of a note-to-self: editorial process is a Good Thing. And although blogging is all conversational and flexible and 2.0, it’s sometimes handy to ask a friend (or, what the hell, journalistic colleague) to cast their eagle eye over your draft. Especially when you’re planning to post at the end of the day. So, Handolio: […]

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A bit less rubbish

OK, so you might have noticed we’ve moved. This pretty much started out as me thinking out loud, so we ended up with an address based on my user name, a blog name that was the first thing to come into my head (and which sounded more pretentious with each repetition), and the first pretty […]

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It’s the cavalry!

Right blogging powerhouse I’m turning out to be. What’s this, five posts in a month? Anyway, I’ve opened this up to my colleague Charlie, aka the Bird Man of Firle. I hope he’ll offer something more insightful than my usual carping about BBC News. I’d invite other journalists I’ve worked with, but they all work […]

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