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SEWoe is me

I don’t know. Seems I’m still feeling pissy about the polluting effect of SEO on content. While Google News seems to have temporarily extinguished Autobulbs Direct, a host of similar sites are cropping up in its results, blabbering on about how the weather could delay prestige car hire customers (people) or how British commercial vehicle […]

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Maybe I’m slow on this – but has anyone else noticed this ‘highlighted quote’ feature before at the top of Google News results? (please excuse the poor reproduction – you get the idea). I like the way it tells you how many news sources have included the same quote – kind of shows up the […]

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Big News my Ask

I’m still not using BigNews, are you? If the answer is “What?” you’re probably not alone. BigNews is Ask.com’s answer to Google or Yahoo’s news services, launched earlier this month. I wrote about the launch for iCrossing, observing at the time that an Ask search for “BigNews” didn’t return a link to the site. Still […]

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